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    Will my 112MPH Limiter be a problem on RR

    I wasn't too impressed with my result because my gearbox had really long ratio's so i think mine had a little more to give. I feel sorry for the poor engine's when there on the rollers. What time is it startin because i have foolishly booked in for mot at 10:45
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    Black Pulsar (Forged)

    I'll swap you for the civic i bought off you Neil...What you recon? Deal of the century or what?? :)
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    ***GTiR in TIME ATTACK***

    time attack alright chaps...long time no i dont own a pulsar anymore but im deffo goin and ill keep an eye out for the stand and say ello.
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    dd autosport 600bhp Pulsar

    Was a quality day even tho i got wind burn to FCUK!!! it was good entertainment to see the pulsar on the track...just a shame it wasn't out all day.
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    ***JAE 2010 GTiROC STAND***

    Do i need to be a paid up member to go to this?
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    Boost tee

    I ve gota say tho only turnin it up 2 about .8 .9 feels sooo much better. and im glad i never had any fuel issues which i thought was the case...good day out
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    Boost tee

    ye because i've only got the standard boost gauge in
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    Boost tee

    does anybody know what the turbosmart boost tee wind out to bar wise, and what can you turn them down to? cheers mike.
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    wanted gtir

    it wont let me send u an e-mail says your inbox is to full.
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    wanted gtir

    alright mate. i've got miine up 4 sale. it's clean and standard apart from exaust and dump valve.
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    possible fuel issues

    cheers ED i'll have a ganders tomorrow
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    possible fuel issues

    i might of made it sound worse than it is but the tip was melted and i got it serivced end of january and couldnt get hold of plugs in time...i bought plugs off bob and done a fault code check and it flashed 55 which means no problems, so should i leave it and see how we get on?
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    possible fuel issues

    under fueling i meant to say
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    possible fuel issues

    i took my spark plugs out to replace them and ther was nothing left of the two centre it over fueling?
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    Spark plugs

    does anybody know where i can get some decent spark plugs from...not to sure to trust ebay cheers mike