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    big money race pulsars

    The car looks amazing and I can't imagine what 560 BHP feels like in a Pulsar. At £15k, I could be tempted if it was made roadworthy but at £26k, you're in the realms of some pretty serious stuff (22b? / integrale) and not a million miles away from an early GTR. I'd only use it as a track car so...
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    big money race pulsars

    Had my Boxster to this garage this week so had a look at them both - man that black one is awesome and the condition is fantastic...........
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    Xmas Shopping List

    I'd like one of those head up display thingy's but they don't make them for the GTIR so I'd like one of those Road Hawk cameras which would be cool as f*ck for track days and recording people driving like dicks.....
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    ht leads

    This company are a stones throw away from me and I've bought lots of stuff from them and have never had any issues. At that price, I'd be happy to take a chance !
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    standard wheel caps

    Pm sent
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    Uk gtir no.5

    Not really mate, it was bought new by The Daily Mail ( I have the invoice ) and first registered 1/11/92, won by a guy who kept it for 5 days, then bought by a guy on 5/11/92 who kept it until 2010 when it was sold to a trader at a Bonhams auction. The trader couldn't shift it for £7k plus...
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    Uk gtir no.5

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    Uk gtir no.5

    That's mine mate, thanks, I've see the write up before but not that picture, looks cool with the Guernsey plate on it. Not seen the other one before. Would still like to know if my first (red) Sunny is still about J348 VRX - it's neither registered nor SORN but that probably doesn't mean it's...
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    Uk gtir no.5

    Doh, now I see.......
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    Uk gtir no.5

    And while we're on the subject, who has #1 or if that doesn't exist anymore, the oldest surviving car ? I know it's not mine as there were definitely some J plates and mines a K. Sorry, I know Sunny talk is boring for the Pulsar owners.............
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    Uk gtir no.5

    sh*te, had me worried there for a moment, that sounds spookily similar to my car, thought my missus had sold it without my knowledge. How do you know it's No.5 ? Mine was registered 1/11/92 - does that make mine No.4 ????
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    Just picked the sunny up

    Nice one mate, keep it standard and get some miles on it, I drive my Sunny about three times a week and just love it, I see you decided not to sell after all.......
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    Standard Cat

    As above, it's for a '94 car if that makes any difference. Thanks
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    Yes, it's another "Hello" thread.....

    Hi mate, I'm just down the road from you. Once you're in a position to buy, I'd happily show you and take you out in my Sunny or Pulsar just so you can compare them against others you might view. Neither of them are for sale but should give you a good indication of what you can expect. With a...
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    Failed MOT can someone check this please

    seems to be some inconsistency between different testers. my local garage said they would now fail my pulsar if it didn't have a cat irrespective of whether it was an import or not - need to find a garage with a more relaxed approach to the rules before end of August......or get a cat !