NME Tarmac spec suspension info

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Andrew, you cant get set up specs from those manuals that the drivers used do you really think nme would have made them public knowledge? Thats a bit like maclaren f1 giving out there chassis spec to the public you pleb!

[quote="Guest]below are the settings for a group a nme tarmac rally car
pretty useless really for a road car but interesting reading none the less!
you need to bare in mind that the nme car is using upside down proflex dampers which are a fantastic bit of kit so unless you have all of the below then don't try it with these settings
I personally found these settings were no good for circuit use, as they made the car far too twitchy with very similar settings
much better to slightly radicalise ALL the stock Nissan settings as that will benefit the majority of drivers much more

Wheels & Tyres

8.5" x 16" Wheel

225/625/16 Semi slick tyre


Camber front: -4.25 deg
Camber rear : -2.2 deg
Camber adjusted using slotted hole on strut

Toe front: 2mm in (roughly 0.18 deg in)
Toe rear: 2mm in (roughly 0.18 deg in)

caster front: 2 deg
caster rear: 5 deg

Anti Roll Bars

Front: 24mm hollow, non-adjustable
Rear: 19mm hollow, non-adjustable

The standard bars are
Front: 28mm solid, non-adjustable
Rear: 15mm solid, non-adjustable

Ride Height

The wheel to fender gap is specified as 50mm all round.

Control arms

Aluminimum Front wishbone, appears similar in design to standard though likely stiffer and lighter
Front mounting point of wishbone 10mm lower
Rear mounting point of wishbone uses jointed setup to adjust position. (Similar to the whiteline anti dive kit)

Standard position

Rose jointed track control arms
Springs and Dampers
Proflex inverted coil over suspension with separate daming oil canisters running 14 bar nitrogen on gas bladder, compression and rebound adjustable.
Bump stops 88mm neoprene
Eibach springs[/quote]
I guy down your way Dan had a nice spec Gti-r back in 1998

Steve Pratt
Maidenhead, Berks,, United Kingdom
Nissan Works Rally Colours (Red White Blue)
Don't know mileage as used for rallying and I have no proper odometer
Originally 1992 but reshelled since, due to accident in 96
Full rally GpA suspension, with Gp A uprights hubs and brakes 305mm F & 285mm R brembo 4 pots all round. Engine 250 BHP with a 34mm turbo restrictor lighten balanced bottom end with GpN 96 spec MBE management. Transmission uprated 350Nm centre diff, 300Nm rear diff and front Plated LSD. Light weight bodyshell originally built by NME full weld in roll cage with strut braces. Runs on 15" wheels
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It's of bobs forum, the best bit is some of it is wrong as I had a mod change a few details before it was stolen from here..........now the fun will be if I ever tell people what was changed.............so maybe someone is not as intelligent as they think!

and I have traced Steve Pratt , he never had the setup docs for the suspension but he did have some EPROM chips from the ecus, which are now in my little hands.


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I've updated the section on the springs. Sorry for the delay.

Please remember when looking at suspension design you need to consider the package.

I'm still coming back to the interplay between the ride height, spring rate, ARB rate and damper rate to understand what the NME engineers were trying to achieve.