NME Tarmac spec suspension info


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Credit to Danny (Red Reading) for taking the time to call me this week and let me know everything he found out about the NME Group A tarmac spec suspension set up.

There was incredible detail and too much to take in. I hope to post up what I can and will speak to "the Doc" on some of the more complicated elements.

Rather than just posting the details I'll try to confirm and explain some of the logic behind the settings. I need to piece some of the details together first, in isolation some sound a little crazy but clearly were effective.

What's important to remember is NME were designing a rally car rather than a circuit car and were restricted by the original car design and motorsport regulations on what they could change. Group A was clearly a lot more restrictive than WRC rules.

Like many of us I'm a bit busy at the moment so will post up info on sections of it as I go along.

Just thought I'd let people know that this is coming.

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In your defence; it's not a simple subject, and I suspect much of it is beyond the bounds of many owners. - That's not to say it's not interesting, but geometry has never been my strong point.

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Prepair for me to nod like I know what's going on, take 20% in whats been said and make a hash of my car!

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No problem jim, just wanted people to get the info in the right way with an informed person to state why things could be set up in that way. The whole suspension thing is a new thing that i am trying to get my head round, i have found thru experimentation things that work for me....i just dont know fully why yet...the nismo anti roll bar sizes were the main thing that caught my eye as the sizes are a huge differance to the stock car.


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How do the Nismo ARB sizes compare to something like Whiteline? - My rear is huge compared to stock, and I know the Whiteline front ARB is smaller.


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Probably not. - The documents aren't in a vault, but they're also not commonly available; there's a lot from people like Whiteline and even Nismo for modifying road cars, but what NME did on their Group A cars has not been available.

It's more to do with understanding what NME did, and why. Then how that could be applied to a "standard" (i.e. not Group A) car. - Jim is the man who understands the suspension geometry, so many of us would rather he interprets and explains it... but that takes time.


No offence here chaps but am I the only one sitting here thinking who gives a S£&T , are these documents stored in a royal vault or something , just comes across as a bit err gay

If your gonna post info do it , if not then cool after all its suspension info after all not documents or maps of the pentagon FFs

sorry if I've offended just my opinion lol
No worries, you won't offend anyone and feel free to give your opinion


I am a newbie with regards to track days and suspension setup so Im interested to hear what the Pro's did with the NME setup as I have a feeling its going to be totally different to what we all thought.