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    Can't really believe I'm posting this...

    I can't believe it another GTI-R owner selling up!
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    another swap wanted

    I had a scorpion it was definitely 2 1/2 bore and was that quiet you could only hear the bov lol
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    coolant leak

    Could be the very bottom small hose as that happened to mine,but as said there are allot of heater hoses behind the block!
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    Advice needed on rust bucket

    Sounds a good idea mate
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    Canada GTIR

    Oz forum is the dogs!
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    the screw in the ecu

    Nice one Geoff!
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    Central locking playing up.

    I had this problem well saying that it has returned it's a bit of a botched job from the alarm installers tbh it started slipping as they broke one of the screw mountings the muppets! I will get around to doing it some time in the new year perhaps, just another one of those bloody annoying things!
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    400-500bhp pulsar wanted

    Buy a standard or near enough standard one and build it to the spec you want,that way you will have much more satisfaction that you done it yourself,and you will know what parts you have put in it!
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    now this is a fine example

    Wish I kept mine standard would never of gone for custom exhaust then would of got a goose hate mine so much!
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    complete head

    You haven't finally blown your engine have you Ryan?
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    Alternator trouble. Calling all electrical gurus!!

    That is so true 14 months of happy problem free motoring I had, and then the shit hit the fan:lol:
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    Gearbox internals

    Just a little further eh Mart.........:lol:
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    more engine Pics pt2

    Looking good I love to see completed engines it makes it so worth while once they're back in the beast!
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    Heat shield

    Looks sweet and just the job!
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    Rear vented discs..

    I have front and rear vented discs from a company on Ebay £200 posted with all pads included which were ebc:thumbsup:I have had no problems with them and were straight bolt on:-D