WTK: What engine parts typically need changing?


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Hey guys. I'm still fairly new with the GTi-R motor. I have it installed in a P11 Primera. I've had the car about 3 years now. The car runs damm good. No issues with oil burn off (Mobil 1 10W30, full synth, 5000-8000km oil change and tune up - filters, injectors). No plug fouling, etc. I've managed to get 200whp on stock boost, and 235whp on 10 psi so far.

I've only had to change the water pump (and associated two belts), alternator and the front crank seal. I've probably put about 25,000 km+ on it since I've had the car. However, I don't know what the engine had on it before I bought the car (swap was already done).

I am just wondering what parts typically need replacing on the motor? I'm seeing guys having to the change detonation, O2 sensors, etc. What else?

Also, can you recommend some places in the UK where you can get these parts? (Aberdeen area, or near London - I know some people who are from there, and work here in Trinidad). Or even anywhere in general, as I may be able to order parts and have them shipped to my contacts...

Here in Trinidad, it's a bit difficult to find parts for the R. There are few Pulsars on the roads here, but there are far more used engine swaps into various cars.