What have you done with your pulsar today?


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Finally getting on top of my R after 10 years off the road. Sunday I spent 4 hours on the manifold bolt but won in the end. Belts, fluids, exhaust and tidying to go. Restart engine in Feb and then probably a list of mot issues to resolve, getting close now.

I've been looking on here more recently for info and keep finding similar questions from me after the last rebuild!


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been running my old astra 1.7d on the std pulsar wheels with toyo tr1`s, thought i should get some use out of em, think they were out of date as the rubber was a bit slippy stiff, good burnout might have revived em , but astra wasnt up for that

fubar andy

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guess you all saw the 2 might car mods episodes...
Someone sent me that link and I was very interested in that Audi coil pack conversion.

Is there a link to find our how to make the conversion, as I had no idea this was available.


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These are the 2 video clips from "Mighty Car Mods (Australia)"
first video - parts and build
second video - dyno and road drive
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