weight saving tip

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I weighed my car again today.

It's complete bar the back seat, has about 7kg or more of extra shite floating around inside and had 1/4 tank of fuel.

It weighed 1160kg without driver. Front axle was 740kg and rear axle was 420kg. so that's 64/36 for the sake of arguement.

I'm not sure how much difference stripping it totally would make, think I got the 660kg front axle figure from last time wrong:oops: :doh: . (could have got 66% mixed up with 660kg maybe)

I'll check again next time I strip it down.


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talking about moving the rad to the back my oldman had a hillman imp track car with the rad moved to the front for better cooling and balance and it was unbelievably hot in the car with the rad pipes running through the car.