Track pulsar advice.


Still waiting on some shims!
Thunder God said:
I know of an M reg black pulsar thats up for sale at 2.5k which is in ok nick, Just needing a bit of light body work, The only trouble is it is up here in sunny scotland lol...


Can you PM me the details please....



(Rishi we all knew you hadn't got an R yet...)

Bottom line: evo better handling but pulsar more challenging/fun to drive on a track.

Speed isn't really an argument cos however fast you want to go, evo's and R's will both supply the goods.

I don't believe R's are any cheaper to run/mod/track than anything else.

You have to ask yourself, what would be more satisfying; beating an R round a track in an evo, or beating an evo round a track in an R...
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