track days/quarter miles etc

johnny gtir

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any regulations etc going to catch me out i know it differs depending where you go. correct me if i am wrong my car is striped rear with 6 point cage. can not remember fully as it was a bit back but my mate was refused quarter mile due to his harness going down to whrere the rear seats were instead of straight back or vise vesa. i will be using a swirl pot so this and fuel lines must be covered by? and dose the thickness matter ? racing battery in boot its straped dose it need boxed ? db levels on average. tyres pritty much anything i need to know would help thanks. pulsar bobby or pulsar stu if you read this i visited bob shortly after he got the yellow r his current track car from you stu it had rap rounds for the harneses what were these and can they be used if any of you can remember that far back :roll:


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the only thing they checked when i was at york last , was that the battery was secure lol

you doing york this monday


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Still undecided whether to go tomorrow, have a standard box on which I will be selling after the PAR goes back in and don't want to risk breaking it.They just used to check battery and for leaks etc when I used to go_Or maybe it was just my home made intercooler water spray that was dripping that made them do that.