Track day preps


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Did you just make a template of the holes to drill a new one?Did you have to angle grind any of the tein topmount off?Are they super streets?


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Car ran spot on all day!:) only issue I had was with the rear tyres as I didn't have enough time to order two more semi slicks so the back end kept braking loose in the wet but managed to keep it on the track

Brakes seem to have done they job and didn't have Any problems there

Perforance wise held off a few porshes and a 370hp BMW

Will be differently doing it again:)

Will get some photos up soon



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iv got the trackday bug after attending the gtiroc trackday this year @ cadwell,

all booked up for silverstone to do the GP circuit on the 1st Dec ,hoping & praying it stays dry long enough to try my michelien slicks