to mesh or not.


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i have a standard front bumper on my r! should i cut the grille part out and mesh it with black plastic mesh(from hi-teq) or should i leave well alone.

if i did cut it out would it make a difference to the temps on the intake.?

would it be worth while fitting one of those air temp readouts from mike rainbird?

any tips on what to stick the mesh with?

this is how it looks at the moment...


cut the hole out and mesh of course its gonna make adifference more cold air.My mate is a sprayer he can do it for you hes based in bolton and has a pearlescent oraange r he sprayed himself


no, don't cut it out.
I would leave it as it is. Personally I like the front bumper and I don't think cutting the front out makes it look any nicer (in fact quite the opposite).
I like the way the bumper compliments the bonnet.
...but it is all personal choice, we all do things to our car that we feel we like, and thats what it comes down what YOU like, to YOUR car, that YOU will be happy with :D

I can't say if cutting it will make a difference to the temps on the intake, but if it did, I wouldn't imagine that it would be a huge difference.


I've meshed mine out but not in the normal way, I cut the slats out and filled the sides so theres more of a duct rather than a just a big hole. Ill try and post some pics when my folks get back of holiday with the camera.



Mate wat badge have u got on ya grille cos mines off the back of an R34
and seems to be alot bigger than the one on urs!!!!!!!! :?


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its off an r34 gtr. i got it off my best mate who works at middlehursts motorsport when i bought the car.