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fubar andy said:
Just an idea that perhaps could be worked on for people without deep pockets to be involved in some kind of motorsport. As pointed out, motorsport ain't cheap, but perhaps people who have talent within driving/motorsport are hampered due to high costs and entrance fees.
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pulsarboby said:
ive driven the pulsar on track (when standard) and without being big headed, ive taken out race prepped scoobys and evos, which is why i decided to race the car in the first place, perhaps i was just plain lucky to do so, and on another day they would whoop my hide, 'i just dont know' ive owned a cossie which has been on track as well as a scooby, and i have done a faster lap time in a standard gtir

He understeered right into them and in a classic US police Enforcement PIT maneuvre nkocked them sideayways into the ibarrier ;).