tail gate glass removing!!!


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yes, I have. I replaced the rubbers for new ones. As you've probably worked out the glass is glued into metal surround with a black Sikoflex type glue.

The rubbers you can see surrounding the glass at the moment are a T section with the tail of the T embedded in the glue, it's the metal strips inside the plastic corners that are a pain to get out. You need to cut the top off the T section rubber then use a special hook shaped knife tool to push into the glue and then carefully under the glass and then work it round the window.

The glass is toughened so it will take a little bit of abuse but take your time and be patient and all will be fine.

Otherwise there is always your friendly autoglass man.


another way to do it is with some mig welding wire!
make a small hole and poke the wire through the resin bond then put some gloves on and use the wire as a saw, it will cut through all the way round but takes a while to do.


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got it all sorted i was selling a set of tinted windows but the lad who bought um bought the tail gate too so job sorted but thanks for the help lads be usefull in the future!!! cheers gav


ha yea was the lad hu bought em! dint think it was worth the hassle of tryinto remove my rear glass and fit new tinted one so just bought whole new tail gate

Thanks gav look mint now in!