RECORDS: 0-60mph || 0-100kph

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4.86 to 60 at York Dragway with a 2sec 60ft (traction was shite :( )
Oh yes and in 3rd gear

Notice the 0-50 time of well under 3.5secs tho (not bad :) )
This run had a slow 2nd to 3rd as I missed it on the previous run :oops:


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0-60 RAT RACE!

Modified nationals 28/05/2005
0-60....4.61 secs
Standard car with HKS pipe,K&N filter,Exedy carbon clutch & Greddy plugs with leads.Toyo tyers.
Dry and dusty conditions,
To come - fuel pump,b-speck boost,adjust-actuator,oil cooler.


Amazing time for 1bar, made even better when seeing it in black and white your doing 2 gear changes to 60!! ;)

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I'd like to have an incremental print out from Datron or something as the graph reckons I'm doing 0-30 in 1sec, 0-43ish in 2sec, 0-55 in 3sec. Which I think is faster than anyone did in the Banzai shoot out. Jason Gant for example did 0-30 in 1.58 and 0-50 in 2.98 but an 11.25 1/4:-D
This is a photoshop overlay of my 3.7 and Lous 3.66 from last year. You can see how much quicker I am early off (thinner line on left), then Lou beats me to a 3.66.

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:nerd: very erratic acceleration. Looks like you started in 3rd then dropped to 2nd and then went over the line in 1st backwards:lol:


haha lol see what happens when you get bored and start playing with paint shop! serious tho brilliant times..:-D

some of these beasts are faster than £80 k cars!!



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wow some pretty impressive times there,

im hoping ill be able to get my car to yorkraceway on the 1st may for a try on the 0-60, i know williams is going down on easter monday so watch this space , ill be happy with anything under 5 sec for now ..................