Passenger door locks, but won't unlock with remote or door switch


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As title says, my passenger door will lock when I press the button on my alarm fob, but when I go to unlock the car, only the drivers door unlocks :?

This happened overnight. One night it worked, the next morning it stopped working.
It's the same story with the passenger door lock / unlock switch on the drivers door console. It will lock but not unlock the passenger door.

Has anybody else had this happen?
Where should I start to look?
I know lots of people have problems with the console on the drivers door, could the problem be here?
Is the problem more likely to be the actual solenoid in the passenger door?

I don't want to go tearing the whole car apart without knowing what might be the problem, so any pointers are more than welcome :-D

Thanks guys and gals ;-)


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this happened to my car a while ago i changed the lock and and it cured it so i put it down to a faulty solenoid


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Most of the Rs (from what I've seen) only came with a passenger side lock that works electrically. Usually its a switch on the driver lock that sends the signal to the passenger side door to unlock it.

In my car to make it work with my alarm system and unlock the driver door with my remote, I had to install a motor in my driver side door that is plugged inside a little control box (supplied with the motors) which is linked on my alarm system.

When I hit the unlock button on my remote, it sends the signal to the lock in my driver door, which unlocks, and then the sensor on the lock inside the driver door sends the signal to the lock mecanism in the passenger door and unlocks it

I don't know if your R is similar, but removing the doorcard on the driver door would definately give you a big clue. And while you're there, why not test the lock on your door with a 12v battery to see if it still works


did you end up sorting this out? My car is having the exact same issues - passenger side will lock but not unlock via power locks.


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Sounds to me like the issue is a sticky mechanism; both mine lock and unlock from the remote and from inside the car... but if my wife gets impatient and unlocks and opens the door herself she can get shove the lock so far that it might take a couple of lock/unlock cycles for the motor to be able to take control again.


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mine don't open or unlock from the alarm remote, it's most annoying having to disarm it and then stick the key in to open the doors. both doors do open on the key though.

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Take the panel off and have a look. I had one of the little screws holding my actuator rod in place come loose so it wouldn't work properly (mine's aftermarket not Nissan on my RB)