JIC front pillow mount camber markers


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I beleve theres 11 little markers. does anyone with JIC coilovers and pillow camber know the degrees of each marker? when i bought my pulsar it came with JIC's. at first they were set all the way out(pos camber side) so i tryed to move them all the way in and got toe in as well. i want to set them to -2 degrees so i can adjust my toe but i have no clue what the markers are in degrees. anyone have any input? i have a date with a skyine on the TOU GE roads this weekend.

p.s. is neg 2 deg good for the front? and what should the rear be(picking up rear camber bolts tommarow)?


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The markers in themselves are meaningless. If you left them alone and changed your ride height your camber would change anyway. They come in handy once you've fixed your ride height, you've already measured your camber at the extremities and you can then just pick what you want in the middle.

As you've found out, you'll always have to adjust your toe on a Macpherson strut car.

I've written a lot on sunny suspension before but stopped as I lost focus on what I was trying say as there are many good sources on the net etc.

I can't tell you whether -2degs is optimum for your car but it is on the high side for road use. It might give you more grip or you might just get chronic understeer. The only way is to try yourself. Wacth out for poor wet weather braking.... very important on the road ;-) Also at -2 you'll find the steering starts to tramline.

TBH -1.5 might be a better starting point and tweak from there if needs. Set the back to break free before the front. This is very personal to your driving style but -0.5 to -1 differnce is reasonable.