JapShow Finalé


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Was good to meet you too mate. Hopefully my R will be at the next one.

I got a few pics of peoples R's today and a couple of vids if anyone wants to see them??

Can you or anyone else help me with the names of these R's owners... :thumbsup:

this ones mine , didnt run up the strip , to much camping gear in boot .
had a good day , a for a change it stayed dry :thumbsup:


hi mate mine is the white one reg ends in 'pno'
real shame my car is a bag of shit and the best i could run was a 12.5 @113, then they would not let me run without a helmet.(done a 12.6 in a standard 1 bar r last year)
still apart from my atempts i had a really good day best jap show yet!!!!!!!!


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blue pulsar DUR is mine. i did see a few owners, joe,bob, and craig but some of the others were racing. good day out. was tempting to race but after seeing 5 cars break something in the morning i didnt fancy it! wanted to be able to drive home and not on the back of a truck! still had fun driving there didnt we bobby?!


yes i like sticking to speed limits aron was a good drive:-D

after we left you and was on m25/a127 me and joe got in a little tussle with a very very quick rx7 who just happened to live in southend.

it was like something out the fast and furious on the way back:lol::lol:
il leave the rest to your imagination


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pulsarboby is correct mine is WTF. It was a really good day and a great turn out of GTI-R's as i went to JAE and only saw 3 or 4 there all weekend. I got some pics of our stand and individual R's off my phone as i forgot my camera so i will get them up asap. It was good to meet everybody today (now i can put faces/cars to names) and well done to every R out on the strip.


craig your car defiantely is a beast!!!!!! looked awesome launching off the line (i was cheering in the stands lol)


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I'd just like to say i finally met the legend Pulsarboby in person my he is a big lad lol great day guys good turn out the convoy from Birmingham with V4der was awesome got some great pics and loads of ideas as to what i want to do to my R cheers guys!!