Fuel filter

the chief

next to the carbon canister. look on the fuel rail and you will see a rubber pipe going to a silver cylinder thats it. i think you can just pull it of


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As above, it pulls out of its retaining clip and has jubilee clips holidng the fuel lines on top and bottom, half the size of a baked beans tin (but not as tasty)


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And if you dont recognise the term bulkhead its located on the firewall.

as you are looking at the engine, look on the rear panel of the engine bay and you will see a cylinder (silver) with an L bend pipe on the top and a straight pipe on the bottom.

Get an OE part not an aftermarket, for the cost its not worth taking the chance of blocking or restricting the fuel to the engine.



also, make sure you bleed the system and remove the fuel pump fuse to relieve the pressure. it will still spit out a bit of fuel, but have a rag ready and you should be fine.


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just changed my pump so there's no pressure in the lines yet ill pick one up here at nissan for around 18 GBP