For those with flamer kits.


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Just fitted fitted my home made kit and was wondering how fast to set the spark rate. It's on 2 sparks per second at the moment and I don't seem to be getting many results. Can some one who has one that works tell me how fast their spark is going.


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i just brought a sparkplug (NGK V Grove) and left it as i got it.

Mine works very well but once the exhaust has gotten HOT!

Ask AZSte or Pete on how well it work lol :wink:


same here.only get results when she's warmed up.but when i checked the
spark, it was going at fair wee rate.each cars defferent (exhaust etc) but what to do in general is when the cars warmed up give it a few boosts (not
too hard) and on the forth or fifth boost, ease right off the gas slowly to about 1500 revs, then accelerate again but just gently.keeps doing this and you'll get the big boys.or on the motorway when crusing at a fair speed, rev hard then off the gas then back on again slightly, and they get even bigger.nice.


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The spark rate is defined by the frequency you are oscillating the coil. Nothing to do with the plug. Like I said mines on 2 sparks a second but I'm wondering whether thats fast enough to catch. Is it possible for someone who has one to count theirs and give me an idea of how many times a second it cracks. I would be very grateful.


The ones I build (well the ones that work anyway... :roll: ) switch at the equivalent of about 4000 rpm.


it should be about 250 times per second, not 2..... :shock:

Your trying to simulate the natural spark of the engine at rpm, ie at 4000 rpm the coil is sparking a lot more then twice per second.... ;)

4000 rpm, 4 sparks per revolution = 16000 sparks per minute or 266 sparks per second....


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I've now set it to 50Hz (50 sparks per second). Thats 3000 rpm. Just have to see how it goes.