For sale 1990 gtri pulser


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Nov 8, 2015
FB_IMG_1546525760607.jpgI have owned the car for 10yrs and it's time to let her go . She was imported in 2007 with 70k / 45k miles .Now it shows 106000 / 79k miles . Body work is not bad for it's age and minor rust spots on the rear arches and faded in a couple of places . Engine is perfect .runs well .over the last few yrs the turbo ,breaks , tyres, cambelt .hand break cable .hsve all been replaced. In has an front mounted intercooler . This car had 95k on when I got it .only covered 10k in that time .. updated ecu .running 280bph .boost set set o.6 . Looking 7.5k
If your interested pm me