creaking wishbones

Hi all, after I put my engine back in a year ago, there has been an anoying creek from the wishbones when braking, turning.
I recenlty put a whiteline brace on there and it stopped the creeking for a while now its back. I think i may have over-tightened the bolts?
Does anyone know how tight they are supposed to be?
Also i lowered the car first then tightened them so the bushes were not twisted (like if u tighten first then lower car).
Normally i tighten them really hard but im thinking this might be wrong.
Any help would be great cheers.


Staff member
Standard bushes? I don't think it's that uncommon; you want the rear ones good and tight to stop the car shifting under full load like that, but I think the front one can afford to be a little less tight - you don't want it coming off, but it's also not under the same load as the rear ones.
You can always try putting a bit of silicone grease on them if it annoys you.

Is it definitely the wishbones? I used to get creaky noises from mine, but it turned-out that the hub nut wasn't tight enough (and it was the noise of the wheel bearings shifting).
yer i put some grease on in the end and did them up quite tight but not really tight lol.
Seems lovely now and smooth. I think thats because i have taken the brace off though.
Cheers for the help mate.