Camber Guage


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You place it on the wheel pointing upwards and there is to sprit level bubbles on it not sure how accurate they are it has been a while since i have seen one in a workshop as we all use better more accurate thing's these days.

I think noah had one when he built the ark lol


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Thats a KingPin camber gauge,Steve make sure your car is on level ground first using a spiritlevel and then calibrate the gauge to zero using a vertical level.


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I use a plumb line, an engineering ruler and a calculator on level ground, accurate to 0.1 degs ;-)

I keep meaning to get something a bit more flash but the string works so well :-D :-D
Self calibrating digital gauges accurate to 0.1degs were around £130 the last time I looked.

The adjusting still takes longer than the measuring which is why I haven't really bothred.


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these r ok as long as ur wheels are dead straight u can get tracking equipment which comonsates for any slight or big buckles in the wheels which tell u ur camber to and they can be ajusted with this on this is how i got mine checked and my camber on the front was a bit too much but nothing to worry about all the merityre places round here have this topn equipment.