Building a Gtir for drag racing


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Hi lads.Im planing to building my R for drag racing.
i just wants get few idea how to get my r faster and lighter in weight.
What is the best mods,turbos,injectors,wheels and tyres for it?

What i have now:
86.5mm bore fully forged engine
greddy t517z turbocharger
stock injectors
cometic head gasket
dastek piggyback ecu
apexi avcr boost controller
65mm open exhaust system

i like to put on a bigger Precision turbocharger i bought a top mount t3 cast iron manifold.
i wants get bigger injektors dont know what size the best and also dont know wich is the bigest turbo
what i can put on it.

planing to change windows to polycarbonat and body parts for glass fibre.

If is anyone has idea im thanksing for that.:lol:


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You should be doing 12s on standard size turbo imo, if your running over 1 bar and have the car fully stripped your should be in 12s. 11s with a bit more power should be pretty easy but to get into 10s I think you'll need to start looking at improving your gearbox for the power needed. Can't see the vids because I'm using my phone, but if your getting excessive front wheel spin you need to sort out any issues like that and your clutch slipping. Personally, if your getting 13.3 and if your running 300hpish you need to practice your launch and gearchanges 1st. If your are serious aswell its pointless have any worry at all about gearbox or clutch life, your gunna need to launch it hard to get decent times. I hold the car back on the handbrake with the clutch slipping, trying to pull the car, then wheb you launch drop clutch and handbrake n give it full throttle all at the same time.


To get into the 10's you'll need to be running mid to high 400's, basically everything on your list bar the engine and boost controller will need to be replaced. Keep an eye on the forums as to what will be needed for a 400bhp plus car. I'd invest in an uprated box now so you get used to it with lower power and it'll help you with your driving as there should be minimal worry of it failing.


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hi mate did i see this car on donedeal a few mths back looks nice
if u want to get into the 10s ull need a deep pocket m8 best off luck


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hi lads

I want start with the engine planing to got 400 hp.I have now in:
86.5mm Cp forged pistons
acl race bearings
arp head bolts
arp piston studs
cometic 1.2 mm head gasket

do i keep this? or throw out everything and start with different things.
About the head i see some nice tomei cams and springs.
What i have to change in the head to fit in and what diameter is the best for very high power output?

Thanks for help guys!


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Hi.I like to use launch controll at start.Do i start with pulled in handbreak?Or just full throttle with setted up launching revs.


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Hi mate im currentlly building a 400bhp engine and a few things ive been told.gget rid of the cometic head gasket and get a cosworth one as the cometic ones are prone to failure.go for a garret gt3071 turbo or least 750 cc injectors.a good intercooler.clutch is a hard choice if your running a standard box a single plate clutch will be more forrgiving than a. twin plate but id your uprating the box. go for a twin plate clutch.youll need a good engine management i.e apexi power fc or equivelant.get rid of the arp heead studs and use standard ones as they are good for upto 500hpish.


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they are made for hydraulic tappets mate. they will fit. but wrong ramp angles and if you do a search on google you'll see alot of people that have fitted them and had problems. i was looking at them when i saw the price but they wont work properly.


Truth be told mate, I wouldn't worry about fitting a stroker kit unless you're thinking of aiming for over 500bhp, and there would be plenty of things I'd do to the car before that. Keep your eye out for a forged engine for sale on here or the other site. You will need to upgrade the gearbox, if you haven't already done that and make sure you sort yourself out with a decent exhaust. As people on here have made over 500bhp without a stroker kit, I'd stick with 87mm pistons, which can often be found on here or on many modifiers sites online.
I wouldn't stroke if you're building a drag car, it'll limit the revs to much due to horrible rod angles, better to stick to stock stroke and rev it higher


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Thanks lads.That was very helpfull.
Do i change the rods and the crank.How much power they capable?
I like to upgrade the gearbox to for a ppg drag gear set.
Also body will be lightened well will be change most of the body parts for glass fibre will cutting off
everything whats dont need it no carpets or any interior will be in maybe will make one piece front from glass fibre.
Change windows for polycarbonat so big weight cutting off will be otherways never got under 12 sec.