Wheel arch/sill repair..


Currently restoring the R, and its now time to attack the rear wheel arch, great!

Already cut and patched in a section at the rear end of the arch, behind the fuel filler pipe, although the section had many curves bends etc it all went very well, and fitted perfect. Started on the other end last night where the sill meets, thought nice easy repair, cut the section of sill out where the arch curve meets and new bit in job done, if only!

That shows how much ive had to cut away, inner arch, lower part of quarter panel over sill, sill, jacking point thingy.......

inside the sill, although it looked ok on the outside, underneath is really rusty, to be honest the whole length inside is the same, metal feels sound when hitting with a hammer all the way along, inject some Dinitrol cavity wax before closing up..

Photo doesn't show the rust up that well..

The main problem I have is, where the sill and floor pan flange meet up, theres also a panel between them that should be in the flange but has rusted away:

Where the pressed cut out holes are is the piece in question.. I don't know what to do about this, to cut this out and replace would mean cutting the quarter panel out, cut sill out just to get to it, which seems a bit drastic..

It comes up to where my finger is pointing:

Im making a new sill section and piece from the floor pan to create a new flange:

From the diagram you can see where the rusty bit should be. Im thinking just to cut the rest of the rusty bits off that and leave it out that flange join thingy? To get a piece welded back on will be a mission in a tight space, obviously its there for a reason..

Anyone else come across this before?

Other photos of the arch, cut out the rust from below fuel filler and behind fuel filler, new sections made and welded in (ran out of argonshield, so bit behind fuel filler not welded in)




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Thats very informative. have striped mine down and have the same rusty bits as you. When I start the cutting out I will add some pics to my thread


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My one suggestion would be to turn the shell the other way round on the spit for repairing the sill....you'll find it is easier to work out the way.
Cut a bit more away:

Easier for repairing the sections now, might even sack the flange off at the back section, as theres no drain holes there just plate over the area... not replacing the jacking points as I don't use them or need them.. same as the seem along the back edge of the floor pan, once repaired whole seem edge being welded..

Quick update, made a handy tool today for cleaning the surface rust out the sills!! Used an earth rod off my van and stuck a brass wire brush drill attachment in the end of the rod, put that in cordless drill, hey presto mini chimney sweep brush lol

Made a new section quickly this afternoon, should be quite straight forward to make the rest hopefully!

Does anybody know what the part number is for these: (What the sill body kit clips onto)

Ive got the part number for the ones at the bottom, where the fixing screws go into..


Section 767 Part Number: 72812E Part Code: 01553-06841 Clip in Sill
Section 767 Part Number: 72812EA Part Code: 01553-06851 Clip on Bodykit

Hopefully these are still available!

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Yes those are available costs £21 or £22 for all the white clips. Do not fit them in the sill first then bang the skirt back on with the green ball fixings in. You have to fit the white clip on the green fixing first then bang the sill on. Thats how i found out the hard way, i broke all the white clips pushing the skirt back on.
I can check my receipt at work tomorrow to see if the part numbers match
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