What Clutch?

Hello, I'm going to fit a new clutch while box is out, I've got the os giken ts2b in it but it could really do with a repair kit, so I'm going to order a new os giken r2cd clutch instead, that one has slightly dampened clutch plates in it too. The company I've found is called RB Motorsport, anyone know of any others or are these the only uk dealers? They say it will be about 14 days to arrive. Also getting a clutch fork to go with it, it has return spring on it!
Cheers Chris!


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I was going to suggest RHD Japan, but I've just had a quick look and couldn't find
anything for pulsar
Cheers for the link! Seems pretty cheap that! I'll give them a ring on Monday! Just out of interest, what were the shipping costs for the clutch, an was the delivery about 5 days??
I'll have to have a look for the invoice, I seem to remember that by the time I paid shipping and bit of import duty it was about £1200, whereas RB were after £1600.


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Act 6 puck clutch is another option. Rated upto 550lbs and works well in mine. Not sure here to buy from in uk but probably very reasonable on the price
I'll give companies a ring tomorrow then when they're open! The superclutch as good as the os then? As the os has served me well, so that's why I don't mind buying another!

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R2cd is better, s14 excedy carbon twin plate is better and lighter with a light pedal if used with a giken thrust bearing.
I'm still using that same R2CD clutch now, it's still awesome too and working well. I think it cost me just short of a couple of grand from memory though by the time I'd finished with charges etc etc so not cheap, I don't know how much they are now!