water leak, getting really annoying now


end of last summer the metal water pipe that runs along the back of the engine decided it had enough, i replaced it with a new one and all was well on short drives anyway, went on a hour ish drive and a different water pipe burst replaced that then another one went and so on

its happened 6 times now but only on longer drive's, i have replaced most of the water pipes now but it is still leaking from somewhere :doh:

is there a easy way to find out where its leaking from and could there be more to it that just old hose's


maybe head gasket, at the back of engine .has it ever over heated when the hoses have leaked.
also sounds like you may still have pressure in the system.theres a thead somewhere on how to do it.
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Pressurise cooling system somehow lol, this will show you if you have a visual external leak. Otherwise head off job