voltage range on the oxygen sensor?


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thinking of getting an air/fuel meter, cos im sure my car is running rich, and have found one that has a range of 0 - 1Volt. is this within the parameters of the ones on the R or would i need to get one with a wider range?


standard oxigen sensor range goes up to 1,5 volts, so if you use a a\f ratio monito, iw will always show rich, because they are made for oxigen sensors going from 0 to 1 v
you will need an aftermarket universal o2 sensor to have a better reading.
but again a wideband kit is the best way to check a\f ratio...
commercial air fuel meter are not so accurate


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This is how a standard narrow band 02 sensor works :wink:

As you can see it ain't alot of good for measuring anything really :(