turbo timer...


are these recommended? would any cheap one do? and are they easy and possible to wire in with the ability to lock your car and having the timer on


I think I just want one for the sake of it lol going to end up buying a cheap one off ebay. Hope it lets me lock my doors


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Mine is a pain in the arse. - You can lock the doors with it running, but as soon as the engine stops the central locking pulses and they unlock again; it took my ages to realise what was going on because I'd come back to the car and find it alarmed, but unlocked.
If you don't lock the doors you take your chance that the alarm will automatically arm an lock the doors when the timer stops.

Better to take it easy for the last minute or so of your drive, or just sit and let it idle for 30 seconds or so before you turn the engine off. - It's a water-cooled turbo anyway, so it doesn't really need a turbo timer.

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Why bother asking the forum then, when you have made up your mind!!!!

Honestly its like banging your head against a brick wall some days!!!

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You might also want to fit a fuel cut defender from hks does not get more blingy than that :doh: it's some thing else that's a COMPLETE waste of time on a gtir :lol: