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Does anyone know what the tracking should be set at, the car is lowered 40mm if that makes any difference

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I set mine to Parallel, however my R is not lowered or has any camber adjusters on etc, have had no odd edge wear with this setting and the tyres from new are about two thirds worn now ;-)



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Take you pick, got this from the sticky:


Toe is quite a subtle adjustment but can have a great affect on the "feel" of a car. it is the direction each wheel is pointing relative to the direction of the car. The wheels on each side at the front or the book should be roughly equal so both each end tracks forward even if it has a propensity to turn in or out. In simple terms:

Toe-in front: Makes the front more centered an improves stability, especially at high speed.
Toe-out front: Makes the steering more twitchy but does improve the inital turn into a corner The wheels prefer turning rather than going straight)

Toe-in rear: Also improves stability of thecar in a straight line but also improves the "catchability" of an oversteer

Toe-out rear: Makes the rear of the car more willing to turn so can reduce understeer but also can cause snap oversteer.

A few words of warning, incorrect toe can severly damage the feel of the car and quickly wear out your tyres. Fiddle with toe settings using caution.

Below are a few recommended specifications. What must be remembered when looking at them is the averge mechanic would consider +-6' 0 even if it is not. As ever suspension is very time consuming to setup. I personally ask for 0degs all round but ask the mechanic to err on the negative rather than the positive. I've still not finished making my toe gauges yet so I haven't played too much on the R to give any better advice.

For those who don't know, there are 60'(minutes) = 1 degree

Front toe in: 0deg to 22'
Rear Toe in: -6' to +18'

Whiteline (road)
Front toe in: 0mm (Approx 0deg)
Rear Toe out: 1mm to 2mm (Approx -6' to -12')

Tein (Japanese is quite difficult but this looks most likely)
Front toe in: -0.05' +/-45'
Rear Toe in: -0.10' +/-45'

Nissan, Tein and Whiteline are all quite closely aligned in terms of absolute values (Centre of range). Nissan say toe in slightly, Tein say toe out slightly but you look at the range for these suppliers and there is a lot of overlap around 0degs.