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Tracking is out...can this jst be done by a normal tracking me local spanner works or does it have to be 4 wheel lazer alined etc...

normally i know the lazer is cool and the gang but surely to get the fronts tracked woudl be fine its pulling to the left a bit more than i want :oops:


its always better getting them lazored mate
at the place i get mine done its £60 and u can take it back anytime for three for check ups or if uve modified summin :D :D :D


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Matty, Jimmyback, Give Elite in Rainham a try. I took mine there after having the lower arms replaced, all the front poly bushes done and an antilift kit fitted. It cost about £58 and when it was done, I was amazed. I threw the car round a big roundabout after it had just rained and it just stuck and flew round. Totally changed the feel and handling. Obviously, most of this can be put down to the parts fitted but, the car just felt more together. I know the adjustments they made, made a big difference.
You also get a cool print out showing what the car was like and what it is like after. Oh, the price includes alignment of camber, castor and tracking of all four wheels.
Some of the best money I have spent :wink: