TPS and PFC: Non-geeks beware ;-)


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Apologies to the non electrical geeks. I'm still persevering with the PFC and am getting somewhere but won't bore people with the gorey details here. I'm wondering if its an earth related problem as when I improved the earths, the problem got worse rather than better. THough on the standard engine management my car is running sweeter than ever (Part of the reason why I'm persevering)

One strange symptom is when I disconnect the TPS, my PFC shows a floating value of around 2.48V through the commander. I would have expected it to read 0V as its open circuit. Is this normal or is it a sign?



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Hi mate,its normal,although i'm not sure on the voltage but on my SAFC2 if i remove the TPS it registers around 80%.I'm sure its mentioned on my AUTODATA cd aswell.