tomei 270 camshafts


i have just purchased some tomei 270 procams in and ex
was thinking about going for the hks 264 but reccomended the tomei 270s by my mechanic plus ill be going for a 3076turb soon

do you have to replace valve springs with the tomei cams?
do i need to buy some adjustable cam gears too?
i know it says on the site that shims need to be adjusted and valve springs replaced,mechanic said same about the valve springs

is anybody running these cams without replacing the v springs

beginning to think i should have gone for hks


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Can you actually get Tomei springs for a GTi-R? I thought they were only for the S14 lump, which is different.

Didn't someone (I think Rishsi) suggest that you have to get custom springs made-up for exactly that reason?


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the springs will need replacing as they are too weak for the amount of lift. You will get bad valve bounce if you don't.

Make sure that the springs won't become coilbound at full lift and also check that the installed height is correct.

Your mechanic is correct saying the shims will need doing.