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Hi guys

I drained the water the other day to investigate a leak (car got a bit warm but I caught it quick). Refilled as normal car temp is fine but I get bubbles of coolant moving past the rad cap. I have never had this before so I have undone the bleed screw and I dont get any water coming out at all!

The heaters are hot and the car seems fine. On other occasions when I have refilled the system I have bled it no problem. I am thinking it might be . Any ideas?

Thanks in advance


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Eh? How would your thermostat cause bubbles. I think I'm missing something.


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Its looks like I have ecsess presure in the system. When bleeding the system I dont get anything out of the bleed valve. I think maybe the thermostat is stuck


you should still get water out of the bleed screw as it flows back through the head to hose.
its possible that the stat is boogered.....if its boiling up in the head it will create air in the system and excess pressure so i would pull the stat out and test it if i were you