thermostat/temperature dropping?


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i think the thermostat on my pulsar might be stuck open? the temperature has always sat at halfway for the water and at about 80-90 oil temp depending on driving.. but i was crusing at about 60 mph on the motorway the other night and noticed the oil temp was around 70 and the water temp was dropping.. the engine sounded fine.. i pulled off the motorway and drove the rest of the way home at 30-40 mph and the temperature started coming back up again.. since then it behaves the same way.. takes forever to start warming up but will eventually warm.. then if im just cruising at 60mph the temp starts dropping?
the only thing i can think is thermostat.. so i've got one.. tried putting it on before but the water inlet/thermostat cover was stuck on tight as f**k and it was getting dark so put it back together till tomorrow..

has this ever happened on anyones elses pulsar?

geoff pine

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Yes i found that the cabin heater was warm but would not get hot turns out the thermostat was stuck open .