Tapping noise but not tappets...


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Have been searching through these threads for a while now, a few people have looked at my car and are stumped with the noise. After spending alot of time and money on the new engine I really want this sorted out, the noise sounds like its coming from top end near no. 3 & 4 and could have something to do with a rocker arm being thrown.. 2 shims were snapped in half but the pieces were found, the rocker arm on no. 3 inlet side was damaged and changed but there is a score on the lobe of the cam (which isn't 2 bad) When the engine is cold the noise is very faint but when hot becomes very noticable and is in time with the reving of the engine. Before the rocker was thrown the tappets were so out I couldn't of noticed the distinct tapping noise :? It sounds like a very noisey tappet but the clearances all measure up as they should, in fact there is only a small amount of clearance really.. the injectors have been swapped over as I got told that could of been the problem but with no avail.

Some theorys or ideas as to what this could be would be greatly appreciated as I dont feel comfortable driving the car the way it is..

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im thinking it could be a damaged valve carl, when it threw a rocker it may have slightly bent a valve which causing it to stick slightly!
if you hadnt of had uprated springs it would be more noticable as you may have then lost compression if the valve was sticking down slightly, but the powerfull springs are enabling it to spring up again!

thats my theory anyway lol
bring it down my w'shop and il have a listen for you