Tappet clearances and torque settings


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Can anyone tell me the torque settings for the head bolts and for the flywheel.
I also need the tappet clearances.
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Cheers for that Ginga, think i got the torque settings for the head bolts on it, but couldnt find the flywheel torque settings and the tappet clearances. Any ideas where i'd get them :?:


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Valve clearances 0.21mm>0.26mm (both inlet and ex') COLD @ 20' c
0.30mm>0.35mm (both inlet and ex') HOT

Fly wheel / drive plate 127 Nm > 137 Nm
clutch > flywheel 22 > 29 Nm

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Plus you might need this as well.

CAM clearance Intake and Exhaust
HOT 0.20mm-0.23mm
COLD 0.14mm-0.17mm

COLD being 20degs approx.

When ever valve clearances are adjusted to cold specifications, check that they satisfy the hot specifications and adjust again if necessary.