SR20DE engine swap problems.....HEEELP!!!


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Hi everyone,

Need some help and advice asap please.Know it isn't a GTi-R but though it would get more replies here as I am desperate.

I am now in the middle of putting a 2.0 GTi engine in what was a 1600 SR. I got the engine in last night by only swapping the engine loom,ECU and the one that goes to the alternator etc. Went to start it up and had ignition lights and fuel pump turning but the engine not cranking/swinging over. I did already know at the time that there were two plugs which couldn't fit into the old 1600 connectors by the fuse board.

So today, I changed the loom that has both fuseboxes,headlights and the plugs that go into the ignition etc. Thought this would resolve the problem. Everything fitted but when I went to start it this time I had no ignition lights on the dash and couldn't hear the fuel pump turning. Even more confusing is that the engine was trying to start when the ignition was on by itself and not when turning the key fully to actually start it.
So I'm MEGA confused. It's like
Really at a dead end now and just want to give up
.Any help
appreciated as I really need it!!