speedow and rev counter



Hello i have found a car that is in my price region but the only thing i am wary of is that both the speedow and rev counter do not work, the price does reflect this as it is only £3250 and seams nice bar that.

Is this a common fault with the gtirs? and can this be resolved cheap?

Also it is running a bar of boost but still has standard ecu etc is this ok?

Many thank Paul.


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Has the seller indicated why the clocks have stopped working?

Does the fuel gauge or water temp gauge still work?

How expensive it is to fix depends on what the problem is... it could be the senders, wiring problems in the loom or just the clocks themselves. You should be able to pick up a decent set of 2nd hand clocks for about £100.

It may also be indicative that they have just removed an aftermarket replacement or piggyback ECU that was spliced into the wiring and they aren't sure how to reconnect them.

As for running one bar with a standard ECU - shouldn't be a problem. Depending how it has been done!

How have they increased the boost?
Do they have an aftermarket boost gauge fitted?
Has the fuelling been properly checked since the boost was upped?

Common probs with going to 1 bar are
1. You can risk running a weak mixture if the fuel pump is a little tired.
2. The standard clutch tends to give up fairly quickly.

What other mods does it have?

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