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After 2 years waiting to get round to it I need to get the Pulsar back on the road. It failed its MOT on inner and outer sills (rear wheel arch. Not uncommon I gather. I also gather that OEM parts do not exist, so I guess the only option is to get some fabricated.
Any suggestions/advice as to where I can get this done? I'm in Buckinghamshire. btw, a sympathetic MOT inspector passed the car last year so it is valid for another month or 2 to get it to a bodyshop. It's SORN at the moment. I won't say money no object but I do have more than enough to spend on my mid/late-life crisis motorbike-substitute... I'm also retired so have time to get it anywhere if someone knows anyone who can do it.
Other than the sills its in standard form and running well - one of the later ones.
Cheers, Keith