Service on the 'R'


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Hi all. Will be giving the 'R' a service the weekend. I have got fuel and oil filter, plugs (BCR8ES) and Fuchs 10w-50 ester synthetic oil. I am thinking of changing the HT leads as I read somewhere that its best to. Now which to choose? I was thinking of going for the 8.5mm Magnecor leads but was told people have had problems with fitting the Magnecor leads, trouble with misfiring etc. Can anyone recommend me a good set of leads? Regards, Lee.


lee i did a kv check on those leads and there in perfect condition so no need to change them.
also the oil was changed prior to you collecting the car, we used 10w/60 full race q8 oil (which isnt cheap) so i would save the oil and filter if i were you untill youve covered 3k miles as it will be a total waste.


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ill give £45 delivred for the Fuchs 10w-50 ester synthetic oil. as long as its not been opened


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Thanks for that Bob! I didnt know you had done all that! I will save the oil and filter etc for now then! Thanks for letting me know mate!