Rolling road in halifax


Ive just been to a rolling road in Halifax over the weekend called "the racing line". It sounds a bit cheesy, but i was there with a friend to get his EVO 5 Remapped.
The guy there, matt, done a top job on it, managed plenty of power out of it. Like the way you can just stand next to your car and have the crack, unlike some other places Ive been too. I Dont think hes done too much work with GTiRs tho, but Im goin down over the christmas break to get mine on the rollers for a power run and a diagnostic.
Anyone else on here been to or heard of them?

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Im away down there with my pulsar in the next week or two, for a power run and bit crack. The setup is good tho, very open fella. Wouldnt have a problem in going there.
Well chuffed that ive found a 4WD rolling road within an hour and a bits drive!!


I took my GTiR and only managed 217BHP. I had only just had power fc, 550 injectors etc and mapped to 1.3 bar. On way to garage it was boosting passed 1.3 on A pillar gauge.

He showed me that it was only boosting to 0.8 bar on the printout. I was gutted I searched the engine bay for air leaks.

On way home I tried to boot it and A pillar gauge was showing less than 1 bar. So I looked on my Profec A didgital display only to see they had turned it off.

I was not very happy no wonder it was less than 1 bar.

I turned it on and boost flew back up to 1.3 bar.