Rev counter, ceased to work!

k20 gtr

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My car well and truly insullted me the other nite, I was showing a guy my car as we were leaving i said to him, ignore the middle dials there crap and lie, Said to him a guy off here changed 4 sets and all read differently.
Well the car must of thought f*ck him, 5 mins later rev counter stoped working! Never seen this before, a couple of miles later, the needle went up and down like crazy about 5 times and dead again.
Ive read previous posts but not much luck.

Any ideas folks?



Probably just a poor connection at the rear of the cluster. I had problems with my speedo, just took it out and the wire had come off it's solder point, easy fix.

If not, it might be something to do with your de-limiter box if it has one.

k20 gtr

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Its a uk one so no delimiter, i took the dials out but couldent see anything obvious, the needle has been going crazy and intermitantly working.

vss irvine

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sounds like the stepper motor that controls the rev counter needle. probably best to try another set of clocks,

k20 gtr

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Thats part of my worry, i like my uk clocks!, Do they share the same rev conter as say a sunny sr or gti?

Fusion Ed

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Dry joint on the PCB most probably. Can usually be repaired by re soldering all the connections;.