Rear ABS Sensor


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Hey guys, did some research on this but couldn’t find any info. My rear left ABS sensor is gone (no resistance), checked the wires couple of times, they’re ok.
does somebody have info which abs sensor fits? Thought of trying a N15 sensor as they look similar but don’t know if resistance is the same.


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Dont know if actually anybody cares, but thought I share this anyways.

I ordered a ABS sensor for a Nissan Patrol Y61, as these looked pretty close to the sensors in the R.
So I bought a patrol rear left sensor to try and replace my rear left sensor on my pulsar. As you will se below, I should’ve ordered a right sensor to fit on the left side.
there is a right sensor on its way atm, so as soon as it arrives I will do an update.
But to make sure I’m not spending another 30€ for a sensor that might not work on our cars, I test fitted it, just to check if it will work.
So as I said, you need a right sensor to fit the left and the other way around, because this is a left sensor fitted in the left it’s actually upside down. Here is what I did.

The connector is slightly different so I just soldered the pulsar connector to the patrol sensor wiring.

Sensor length is exactly the same, just remove that O ring from the patrol sensor.

Sensor diameter is pretty much the same, the patrol sensor is just a hair bigger. So make sure your hole where the sensor is placed is as clean as you can get it. I sanded down the patrol sensor just a little little bit for a perfect fit, so I do not have to force it to go in.

i did a short test drive and the sensor works perfectly. Obviously Im going to install the right sensor as soon as it’s in the mail, so the bracket will be on the right place and I can put the screw back in.

As far as securing the sensor wiring, I think you can actually reuse the 2 brackets from the old sensor or just make some new ones

patrol rear left sensor (pulsar rear right) 47901-VB200

patrol rear right sensor (pulsar rear left) 47900-VB200

hope this is going to be useful for someone in future.


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The other sensor arrived yesterday, procedure is the same as above.
Now it fits perfectly.
I used Herth+Buss sensors, these should be easy to source within Europe, don’t know if they’re available in other countries, but maybe the part numbers help to identify.

you want to use for Rear Left #J5931019 and for Rear Right #J5921019