Pedal Box


For a few months now ive had a clicky clutch pedal, finally got round to avin a look at the bracket expectin it to be snapped one side, but it seems fine:

I take it this is the bracket that causes the head aches?

Activated the clutch and no movement from the bracket. The clicking only happens when you first put a bit of pressure on the pedal, could it be the master cylinder? At a loose end with it, doin my head in!

Anything else I need to check before I put the dash back together?



andy n

you need to put a small bracket from the bolt on the steering column support across to the clutch pedal bracket. you can get them on here for peanuts or make your own. the clicking is a sign of movement and it will get worse till it snaps. you can do the bracket without taking the dash out if youre familiar with the yoga position 'the dolphin'
but if you do any work on the R yourself you'll know that you have to be a cross between a yoga expert and a gynocologist.
Used to have an R5 Turbo few years ago, thats a bastard of a car to work on as well needed to be a yoga expert to work on them!

Ive got the pedal support bracket fitted, think I might change the master cylinder, not lookin forward to doin that :?



Fast Guy

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What's the big looking crack on the piece of metal to the left or is it just some other mark? :?

geoff pine

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i had my clutch peddle snap :cry: had no clicking just went with no warning at all had it fixed 8) 3month latter it started to make like a creaking sound fitted a clutch peddle bracket to stop it snaping again still creaked now an then had a look found fluid round the seal on the master cylinder
was leakling had it replaced now no sound mutch better clutch action :D 8) think it must damage the seal with all the flexing before it snaps
Got a new Master Cylinder from my local Autoparts, identical to the one already on the car, all thats missin is Nissan stamped on the side of the cylinder, new has been ground off, :lol: obviously a Nissan one but sold at a cheaper rate!

Anyway, took the old cylinder out done it quite easy, removed the plenum had a small rachet and allen key socket well easy! stripped the old one down and it looked not to bad but a bit sticky to push the rod in and out, then removed the slave cylinder!! oh dear think that is well fooked, the barrel in side is worn and fluid leakin past the seal inside! doh so will have to get one of them now!

Removed the pedal box as well, couldnt see any cracks the mounting bracket also looks fine, will have a proper look in day light tomorrow!

So hopefully the clickin should be cured, if not then b0llox to it!

Time for a beer me thinks now!
Wicked put it back together this mornin, and all is fine now!! no more clicking from the pedal, feels much better changin gear as well!!

Just need to change the slave cylinder next week when I get one, then jobs a good un!