Oil temp/pres guage


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Just driving back home today and noticed oil temp/pressure guage hit max :shock: virtually straight away and stayed there for a good while before settling back but not quiet to normal.

Any ideas what could be causing this? ECU sensors.

Help appreciated, cheers:)


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I would try after market ones if you want to be safe. I have 3 different sets of the 3 gauges and when I tried them out in car they all read differently.


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Ahh. Only prob is I'm trying to keep the car original. I'm might order new oil pres and temp sensors if there is not a way of checking the sensors? Once sensors are eliminated I'll do resistance test on wiring then failing that. The guage set.


its more than likely the gauges themselves jamie or a dodgy earth connection to them which will send the needles straight round to max.
if i were you i would locate the main earth wire in the multiplug then cut it and solder in another short lengh of wire to a good earth point behind the clocks
hopefully that should sort it