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Hi all
So I've just installed a competition clutch stage 4, 6 paddle and flywheel (they sent me the s14 kit so has to drill the flywheel (( done by DY Engines )) and I've had to use a non CC release bearing because they sent me the one for an s14 without the tabs TWICE
lol ). So I used one from Conceptua Performance Tuning and installed everything as it should be ( or not as the case may be! ), put everything back together and started turning the engine over with no spark to run oil through turbo etc. I could hear a rotational noise coming from the bell housing (guessing release bearing) and could feel it through the clutch fork. It caused the fork to wobble slightly. I decided to start the car and see if anything changed and see if I might be able to move her. The engine started after some starter motor f**kery. Nothing exploded. Nothing came flying out at a million mph. Nice. BUT I could still hear and feel the bearing/fork. I gave the fork a wiggle and when further disengaging the bearing the noise stopped, I let go and the noise started again. I felt confident that nothing major would happen if I tried to move her and although I've only moved her back and forth a few car lengths and only a few times, everything felt normal and worked just fine. Which leads me to think that it's just a case of adjusting the clutch or bleeding it. Anyway, I thought I'd post it here in case anyone knows what I need to do. Does what I've described sound to anyone like I need to split the engine and gearbox again or could it be as simple as adjusting the pedal or a doing a bleed?
Hope I've provided enough information. Cheers

geoff pine

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having done a couple off clutch changes with no problems i would say drop the gear box and double check your work ! . I dont think its just going to go away with time .


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Hi Geoff thanks for your reply. I've done 60km since my initial post and everything works wonderfully, no problem selecting gears, engaging or disengaging the clutch. The noise does seem to have very almost disappeared ( to the point I think I'm just hearing the release bearing spin) However, If you really think that dropping the box is worth it then I will. This is my first clutch change on an R, or any other car for that matter (only other was a 3 Tonne dumper, which was a bit more forgiving!) So my next question is, what do you think I should look for If I take it apart again and in your opinion/ experience what could the consequences be of leaving whatever you think it could be? I'm not trying to bump your advice in any way or look for an answer that suits my desire ( not to split the effing thing again!!), I'm just trying to gauge the severity of the possible problem! Finally, how bad is splitting and refitting the box with the engine in place? I had the engine out to do a pipe overhaul as I was springing leaks all over the place so replaced everything.. decided to do clutch and flywheel at the same time and so dealt with engine and gearbox as one lump. I only have axle stands and chain hoists.
Thanks mate


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Did you adjust the free play at the pedal end? - I'm just wondering if a little pre-load is all that's required to stop the fork rattling.