Need help gettin horn going for MOT



My MOT is on monday and my horn has never worked. There is a standard steering wheel on the car but when i took the dash apart lastnite there was no wires with the connecter for the horn anywhere to be seen!! Think a previous owner cut the wires and used them for an alarm light or for the turbo timer maybe. So think i'm goin to have to re-wire the horn, but dont have a clue what im doing!
Anyone able to help me out?
Even if someone could post a pic up showing me the colour of the wires for the horn or where the wires run to behind the steering wheel to save me trying to run a new wire down to the horn..:doh:

Many thanks Tom!


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The cable from the switch (horn button) is G/W, this goes to the horn relay, via a plug and socket. Out of the horn relay and to the horns are G cables. They'll also be one more cable from the horn relay and that will go to the horn fuse (10 amp, under the bonnet I think), this is G/B. Obviously, there is a corresponding earth cable for all these.

As for colours, I'm guessing:
G= Green
W= White
B= Black.

Hope this helps.


Cheers mate will have another look at it after work. Not even sure if there is a horn relay there anymore! :doh: But will see how i get on later, looks like its goin to be a trial and error job! I'l prob be on askin more questions later this evening!

Thanks for the help! very much appreciated!:thumbsup: