My Clio 172 Cup


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Posted in the wrong section as apparently I'm not allowed to post in the other cars for sale section for some reason so feel free to move it :tearsofjoy:

52 plate 172 Cup
Mileage is currently 140,500
Mot expires 14-11-21
Engine was replaced last month due to the original breaking an exhaust valve which pretty much destroyed the whole engine. The replacement engine came out of a car with 109,000 miles and has had a full cam belt kit, new dephaser pulley, water pump, spark plugs, thermostat, new upper engine mount and Powerflex insert fitted.
RS stamped inlet manifold.
Gearbox was replaced about a year ago at 128,000 miles due to 5th gear selector fork breaking, the new box came out of a car with 104,000 miles.
New Valeo clutch fitted at same time as gearbox.
All four shocks were replaced about 2.5 years ago with genuine Renault cup shocks and new top mounts.
Brakes were replaced in Nov 2019 with Godspeed J hook front discs, genuine Renault rear discs and Brembo pads all round.
Goodridge brakelines, new Bosch load valve on rear beam, new hardlines from valve to rear flexi's and new front caliper pistons and seal kit fitted in Nov 2020.
All 4 injectors have been replaced with genuine Magnetti Marelli items in the last year.
Unknown full exhaust system with decat pipe.
4 brand new Michelin PS3's, fronts have just been changed but rears still have 3mm tread so they can either come with the car or I'll get them fitted.

Bad points:
Only 1 key, remote locking and alarm work but it randomly goes off so I usually just use the key to lock it.
The bonnet has a couple of dents and a small area where the laquer is starting to come off.
Drivers door has a dent in the B pillar area.
Small dent in the roof near the top of the drivers door which has been pushed out but still visable.
Front drivers side jacking point is a bit bent!
It'll need a cat for mot, I scrapped the original as it was full of oil and blocked with bits of piston when the engine let go.


2x JC5 129 gearboxes. 1 has a broken 5th gear selector fork and cracked housing and the other has a crack in the diff around the circlip area. I was planning on making 1 good box out of them but never got round to it!

Spare Turini. It's in a pretty bad state, it was in the boot when I bought the car and looks like somebody has tried to do a diy refurb on it!

Spare front foglights as the ones on the car are full of water.
Fuel rail and 4 non genuine injectors
Inlet manifolds
Coil & leads
Throttle body
PAS pumps x2
PAS reservoirs x2
All the sensors from the old engine
Thermostat housing
Breather plate from rocker cover
Crank pulley
Upper cam belt cover and engine mount

Can be sold with or without all the spares and can be viewed in either Taunton or Exeter.

£3700 ono with all the spares but open to offers!