Manual Boost Controller


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Hi everyone, just purchased my first Pulsar gtir and I have a question.

The gentleman who sold it to me said that the boost had been turned up, and I was wondering if anyone could help me turn it back down. There seems to a controller in the engine that you can turn with a screwdriver, but I don't just want to do it blindly in case I break something important.

My question is can anyone tell me how to turn it down? And how do I know what boost level it is set to?

Here are a couple photos of what I am talking about:


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That looks a lot like a bleed valve to me. - In which case, you can probably reset to the OEM boost levels by removing the red hose and reconnecting the lines to the solenoid right next to it.

Unfortunately I don't have a picture to-hand of what it should look like, but I can describe it:
Boost source on the plenum/inlet manifold goes to T-piece. - There's a specific hose for this that has a restrictor in it; hopefully you'll recognise that if you see it.
One side of the T does up to the solenoid. - The second port on the solenoid goes back to the induction pipework (if it hasn't been blocked-off/removed - You don't need that one anyway.)
Last connection on the T is the hose going to the wastegate actuator.


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This is the hose I was talking about with the restrictor in it (image shamelessly hotlinked from GTiROZ).

This should then be how to connect the boost hoses back up.